Lawyers Serving the Nonprofit Community.

Klamp & Associates, P.c.

Lawyers serving the nonprofit community.


Advocating for nonprofits and social enterprises since 2007.

Klamp & Associates is a small law firm dedicated exclusively to representing charitable organizations.
Our mission is to serve our clients by providing creative, innovative and sophisticated legal work for nonprofit, non-governmental and community organizations with the goal of enhancing and expanding the services they provide. 

Attorneys at Klamp & Associates have experience in all areas of nonprofit law including duty of care and risk management, development finance, employment law, IRS compliance, corporate governance, international philanthropy, charitable transactions and programming, and private foundation counseling.




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Areas of Practice

Duty of care & Risk management

Mitigating risk is a key component to successfully operating a nonprofit. From security situations in conflict zones to domestic employee lawsuits, our attorneys understand that risks come in many forms. We work with clients to assess risk and develop strategies to manage these risks while ensuring that they are meeting the duty of care. By regularly monitoring our clients' activities, we ensure that potential risks are handled preemptively.


irs counseling

We understand that even small changes in programs can impact an organization's tax-exempt status; protecting that status is our number one priority. We work closely with the IRS to ensure our clients’ compliance with US tax law. From foundations working to grow their endowment to nonprofits partnering with for-profit corporations and exploring innovative mechanisms of financing growth, we advise our clients on how to fulfill their mission without violating government rules or regulations.

Development finance

International development organizations are increasingly using complex financial tools to provide access to capital and decrease poverty worldwide. We have been at the forefront of this work, negotiating agreements between funders and international development organizations. While ensuring our clients' compliance with contractual obligations, we also work to maximize the flexibility needed to fulfill each organization's charitable mission.


corporate governance

At Klamp & Associates, we understand that effective, engaged, and well-managed governance empowers a charitable organization to maximize its potential. Our attorneys have extensive experience in developing accountable governance structures to enable an organization’s ongoing success. 

Whether it be drafting articles of incorporation and bylaws or counseling clients on handling complex issues of internal governance, we assist our nonprofit clients by creating and maintaining governance structures that will allow them to meet their charitable missions.

Employment law

Failure to comply with employment obligations is the number one source of liability for nonprofit organizations. At Klamp & Associates, we are adept at helping our clients understand the obligations of being an employer and managing the potential risks associated with employment.We believe that positive employer-employee relationships help foster an environment for successful and impactful programs for our clients. 


international PHILANTHROPY

Fostering the ability of US-based charities to leverage their expertise and expand their impact by promoting development overseas is important to our firm. From building temples in Bhutan to lending money in Iraq, our clients work all over the world.

Domestically, we help clients negotiate the federal and state requirements specific to charitable work overseas, including meeting IRS guidelines and completing anti-terrorism due diligence required by the Office of Foreign Asset Control. Internationally, we collaborate with local counsel to ensure our clients advance a successful strategy when cross-border issues arise.


Charitable Transactions & Programming

Day to day operations of each organization require a range of legal documents to outline obligations, responsibilities, and potential risks. From grant agreements and government contracts to employment contracts and intellectual property licensing, we work to ensure our clients enter into agreements that enable them to fulfill their intended goals and protect them from potential liability. 

We work with our clients to explore innovative ways to achieve their objectives, including through Project Related Investments (PRIs) and the formation of Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3C).


Private Foundations

Private Foundations operate with a complex range of legal obligations that often hinder their ability to fulfill their charitable objectives. Our attorneys have extensive experience working with private foundations to address these issues. Through our experience and expertise in the issues of governance and tax law, we help private foundations create partnerships, maintian IRS compliance, operate grantmaking and oversight, as well as initiate global grantmaking programs.


Social Enterprises

As a Benefit Corporation, Klamp & Associates knows that social good is not confined to non-profit organizations. Our attorneys use their comprehensive  expertise in governance, certification, and tax law to enable social enterprises at all stages to maximize their impact.